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Friday, August 28, 2009

Logos With Hidden Messages!

Did you ever wonder why some corporate logos are designed the way they are. Did you ever think that they had little hidden messages that conveyed something about their corporate strategy?

To most people, logos are just simple graphical depictions of firms which are in most cases globally recognizable, but to some people they portray something else. For example did you ever notice the amazon symbol, and how the arrow points from the A to the Z symbolizing Amazon's capability to sell anything from A to Z, while at the same time the arrow also looks like a smiley face symbolizing a satisfied customer.

Also the FedEx symbol has an arrow between the E and the X which is mean to portray their speedy service.

To the untrained eye, these little hidden messages usually go undetected, but once you start to recognize the little hints and subliminal messages you truly get to appreciate the value of a corporate logo. Anyways the reason why I am going on about this topic is because there was a very interesting post which deciphers about 25 or so corporate logos and their intrinsic meaning. Check out the website below I am sure you will recognize most of the logos in the post!


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