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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oil Field Gifts -

For the most part pretty much all of the posts which I make have to do with other people's business. On this post I will showcase a recent business I have undertaken. I currently live in Calgary Alberta Canada, which is at the heart of the oil & gas industry in Canada. While on Vacation overseas, I spotted some high quality gold plated executive oil field products. I instantly thought that there was a huge market for this back at home.

6 months later and some hard work later, I put together a website which markets the products to the local market here in Calgary. You can find the gold plated executive oil field gifts at

These gifts are highly unique and cater to a niche market. I just launched the company last week and already have 3 products sold to customers in the northern oil city of Ft. Mcmurray. My plan is to market these to people within the oil and gas industry and get some sales streaming through.

I have created a small youtube video showcasing the products. Check it out below!

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