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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How Did You Get So Rich - A New TV Show

Joan Rivers, the comedian is starting a new show where she essentially goes around the U.S. and knocks on the doors of the wealthy and asks the million dollar question "how did you get so rich?

I was able to watch a small promotional clip on a morning show the other day. She went to a massive mansion and the individual who owned the place is worth over 50 million dollars!

He attained his wealth making "billy bob teeth." Yes you read that right! Those ridiculous teeth that make people look like hicks! Anyways here's a short article and video clip from the new show!

"How'd You Get So Rich?"

That's the title of Rivers' upcoming TV Land series, in which the no-filter comedienne knocks on the doors of mega-mansions, and approaches drivers of luxury cars, to ask how the heck they have all that money.

"She'll knock on a door and say, 'How did you get so f-ing rich!' " says Mark Burnett, the reality maven ("Survivor") who's producing the show.

Set to premiere early next year, it finds Rivers visiting mansions all over the country - from LA to Montana to Long Island - and stopping people on glitzy streets like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The people in the mansions are caught unaware (although their families know).

"It's amazing content," Burnett says. "On Rodeo Drive, Joan sees someone getting out of his Ferrari to have lunch and she asks him, 'How did you get so rich?'

"The guy says, 'I inherited my money. My father invented the earpiece for the [cell] phone,' " Burnett says.

"Then we have her knocking on doors; in the first episode, she visits a 90,000-square-foot house where the master bedroom has a full kitchen in the bedroom.

"Joan says, 'Is this your house with the second wife? Let's see the house from the first wife.' "

And the people approached by Rivers aren't shy about sharing their stories, Burnett says.

"People are happy to explain how they made their money," he says. "They're proud. And Joan is so recognizable and funny, they don't mind."

Burnett said the recent economic downturn didn't affect the show.

"They may be spending a little less . . . but this show is about the super-rich and, in this climate, the super-rich get richer.

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