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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Next Big Thing-“Ecoprenurial Ventures”

According to media mogul Ted Turner, the next billionaires will be those who create businesses in the “green economy.” His statement seems to make logical sense due to the staggering “go green” hype in the media and all the other stories you hear about alternative energy. This entire eco oriented fashion of conducting business is the present and future of the business world.

During the 90’s there was a big push by giant corporations to keep the green movement down because they didn’t find it economical to “save the earth” but now the tables have turned and every business wants to brand themselves as eco-friendly or carbon neutral.

This presents many entrepreneurs with opportunities to capitalize upon. Who wouldn’t want to make some money and create a positive change within the environment? For me personally, I think green business is definitely something entrepreneurs should be researching. There is a great blog called which deals with green ventures and the success that many entrepreneurs have had creating value within the industry.

Although many people want to create start ups within the industry, they often are not able to determine exactly what or where to start. Due to this reason I have posted below a few opportunities within many sectors that people could focus on. The list was found on the ecopreneurist website and was written by Scott Cooney.

There are plenty of ideas to be developed and a ton of cash in this industry. Check out the following list to get some ideas flowing!

I. Cleaning Service Businesses
1. Perc-free Dry Cleaner
2. Solar Laundromat
3. Waterless Car Washes

II. Ecotourism and Related Services

1. Ecotourism Operation
2. Green Bed and Breakfast
3. Ecotransport Rental Service

III. Entertainment & Events
1. Organic Foods Caterer
2. Wedding and Event Planner

IV. Home/Office Service Businesses

1. Carpet and Floor Cleaning
2. Floor Installation
3. Home and Office Cleaning
4. Landscaping Design and Installation
5. Landscape Maintenance
6. Organic Garden Creation and Maintenance
7. Painting
8. Pool and Spa Cleaning and Maintenance
9. Sustainable Property Management

V. Manufacturing and Wholesale Production

1. Biodiesel Cooperative
2. Gift Basket Service
3. Organic Farm
4. Plastic Recycling
5. Composting
6. Urban Farming and Permaculture

VI. Personal Services
1. Fitness Training and Diet Planning
2. Green Real Estate Brokerage
3. Organic Food Delivery Services
4. Sustainable Foods Prep and Cooking Instruction
5. Sustainable Travel Planner
6. EcoConcierge and Relocation Specialist

VII. Publishing, Local Media & Related Business

1. Green Product Catalog Producer
2. Publication Distribution Service
3. Free Magazine
4. Local TV and Radio
5. Community Newspaper
6. Green Blog

VIII. Retail Food & Food Services
1. Organic Community Supported Agriculture
2. Farmer’s Market
3. Mobile Food Vendor
4. Free-Range, Organic Fresh-Mex Restaurant
5. Organic Coffee Shop
6. Organic Juice and Smoothie Bar
7. Organic Pizzeria
8. Raw Food Bar
9. Sustainable Buffet Style Restaurant
10. Sustainable Fast Food
11. Vegan Cafe
12. Food Co-op

IX. Retail Non-food Operations

1. Organic Day Spa
2. Alternative Transportation Retail Store
3. Aveda Concept Salon
4. Commuter Bike Shop
5. Consignment Store–Women’s Clothing
6. Consignment Store–Kids Clothes and Toys
7. Consignment Store–Furniture
8. Consignment Store–Sporting Goods and/or Outdoor Gear
9. Edible and Organic Floristry
10. Floor Products
11. Green Building Supply Store
12. Building Product Salvage Store
13. Green Product Retail Store
14. Native and Organic Plant Nursery
15. Sustainable Printing Solutions Retail Store
16. Used Book Exchange
17. Kids’ Clothing, Apparel, and Toys
18. Car Sharing Service

X. Services to Businesses and NonProfits
1. Fundraiser and Grant Writer
2. Green PR
3. Independent Sales Representative
4. Restaurant Delivery Service
5. Specialty Advertising
6. Energy Efficiency Auditing
7. Carbon Offsets
8. Green Job Training

XI. Alternative Energy (See also Green Building)

1. Community Wind Power Development
2. Geothermal Developer

XII. Green Building (See also Alternative Energy; Financial)
1. Green Remodeling
2. Flipping Houses
3. Carpentry
4. Green Architecture
5. HVAC Contracting
6. Electrician
7. Co-Housing
8. Sustainable Roofing

XIII. Financial
1. Green Venture Capitalist
2. Green Investing and Financial Planning
4. Community Bank, Savings and Loan, Loan Funds
5. Community Micro-Finance

Scott Cooney is the author of Build a Green Small Business (McGraw-Hill), and hopes that someday the green economy will simply be referred to as…the economy.


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